Batterymarch Group Shakes Up Boston Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Fiduciary Services

BOSTON – Buying and selling real estate can be tricky business. In Massachusetts, real estate sales agents routinely represent both the buyer and seller in the same transaction, a practice known as dual agency. According to real estate broker Andrew Haigney, “In a dual agency situation, the “double agent” is relieved of the fiduciary duty they may have owed one of the parties, and even better, the agent typically gets double the compensation.” Haigney calls these the high-five transactions – where the agents go back to the office and high five everyone. Haigney thinks it’s time that consumers have a level playing field.

Enter Batterymarch Group, a new Boston-based real estate brokerage firm founded by Haigney. “Our aim is to offer the same high level of client care, due diligence, and valuation discipline one would expect from a prestigious investment firm.” Haigney, a third generation stockbroker, is no stranger to the investment industry. After selling his family’s broker-dealer, he spent the bulk of his career working in the capital markets division of Merrill Lynch and subsequently ran an investment consulting firm.

“Several years ago I decided that it was time to try something completely different. I loved the brokerage side of the investment industry and I was intrigued with the real estate brokerage model, so I got a real estate license and rolled up my sleeves,” Haigney said. “It was a steep learning curve, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of the journey.”

“The cornerstone of our business is advisory, we have a seat at the table with our clients and their traditional wealth managers. When you think about it, there are millions of pages of information on websites like Zillow, but not one page of advice.”

Being a fully independent firm, Batterymarch has the flexibility to offer negotiated rates for both buyers and sellers, as well as an à la carte pricing structure, something Haigney says is long overdue in the real estate industry.

Haigney is keeping his focus on high end, complex, and less liquid properties. “We’re selective about what mandates we take on with an eye on where we can really add value.”

About Batterymarch Group LLC

Batterymarch Group is a full service independent real estate advisory and brokerage firm.


For more information contact Andrew Haigney, email, or (617) 610-3778.

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